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Am I insane? - unity within a wide-area community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the travellers' caucus

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Am I insane? [Mar. 1st, 2007|02:42 am]
the travellers' caucus
I was planning on going hitchhiking with a dear friend of mine across country from White River Junction, Vermont to Portland Oregon. He is a tough one to convince, and not being so experienced myself (I've only hitchhiked a few times locally), it is hard to win him over. My idea was to have us both dress as mormons with the buzz cuts, suits, Elder name tags and everything and hitchhike that way. I've heard and read about a lot of weird stories about after a number of hours small talk with a driver always turns personal and eventually leads to very awkward, prying questions about sex...and sometimes even requests. I thought the best way to deflect this topic was to feign religious chastity as two missionaries. I also figured that with such a clean-cut, all american, cracker-look we could also get more rides. But my friend tells me it's morally deplorable, possibly dangerous, and down right retarded. Is this the worst idea ever? Does anyone have any further advice for a future cross-country, female hitchhiker, who is unfamiliar with the US highway system? Any help would be much appreciated.

[User Picture]From: dystopiate
2007-03-02 02:47 am (UTC)
haha. that's an interesting approach.

i am experienced in cross-country and local hitchhiking. i've never once had someone request sex. and i'm a hot chick. (http://www.photobucket.com/albums/y134/dystopiate) i just dress like myself. hippies and mexicans are usually the ones that pick me up. or really stoned people who think it'd be an adventure. i've meet a lot of good friends and connections that way. if you look like a hippy, hippies will want to pick you up. they won't want anything in return.

i do see it being probable that someone would want sex or money in return. just tell them no, and if they won't drive you without it, get out of the car whereever you are and wait for the next ride. i guess rape, kidnapping, and murder are also possibilities. personally, i find this risk exilirating.

a clean-cut look could get you more rides in certain areas, fewer in others. with conservative drivers, you might want to tell some "damsel in distress" type story. say that you wouldn't be hitchhiking if you weren't in such dire circumstances. make up some story about how you've got to get to such-and-such, and your car broke down, and you're from some other state and have no family or friends to rescue you. they might even through you some cash with that one. but you have to be prepared to have good answers to follow-up questions on your story.

with anyone that looks like they might not freak out too much upon hearing it, just tell them the truth that you're hitchhiking for the hell of it, to get across the country, to see it along the way.

and you might want to familiarize yourself with the US highway system. figure out what would be the best roads to take to get to your destination, or to the next road leading there, or to a truckstop or something where you might find another ride. because most people will only take you so far.

why do you want to go to portland? are you willing to sidetrack or abandon that goal altogehter? that happens sometimes when hitchiking, and that's the beauty in this mode of transportation. for example, i was one trying to get to philadelphia, and i got picked up by these hippies who proceeded to get me stoned and then offered me a job selling magazines door-to-door, which i took, which got me a free greyhound ticket to new jersey. nj is right next to philly, so even if i didn't like the job, i could have gone back to my original destination. but i ended up staying with the job, which was a travelling job and landed me in long island and virginia before i eventually got picked up on a drug warrant.

i've also been hitchhiking locally, trying to get to the train station so i could go to the city (from the suburbs where i reside), but i got picked up by some cool people and just decided to hang out with them all day instead and then had them drop me off back at home.

from what i've experienced, the hysteria surrounding hitchhiking is overrated. you COULD get raped, mugged, malled, killed, etc., but you won't.
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From: thekidiot
2007-03-03 04:03 am (UTC)
Thanks a lot dystopiate, some great tips! I live in California, but I am currently going to cartooning school here in Vermont. I thought hitchhiking to visit the KOOKS museum in Portland would be a fun way to eventually get to my final destination in California. But then again, who knows? I'm up for adventure if it crosses my path (or if I get fucked over and stranded). So you usually travel alone? That's great to hear there's some tough chicks out there. Although I do consider myself fairly independent, I would prefer to travel with someone who's experienced...might have to look for another traveling buddy, my current prospect is sort of a pussy. Again, thank ya, ma'am!
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[User Picture]From: bread_and_roses
2007-12-06 10:33 pm (UTC)
i can't possibly see how hitch hiking is morally wrong, and it's a lot safer than everyone says it is.
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2012-11-07 01:29 pm (UTC)
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